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Web promotion is all about making your website visible to your targeted audience. It involves highlighting your web presence through the search engines which are the primary medium for more than 90% of online traffic to locate the website of their choice.

Web Promotion and Search Engine Optimization

Thus web promotion is the way to bring all your online investment to fruition. It primarily involves search engine optimization and link building. The goal is to attain higher rankings on search engines for the most relevant and searched for keywords in your industry.

At West Web Design, we use safe, ethical search engine optimization methods to deliver stable and secure rankings over an elongated period. We have the faith in our comprehensive and effective SEO techniques and never resort to short term fixes as spamming which could get your site banned by the search engines.


Search engine optimization is increasingly complex with addition and refinement of the ranking factors everyday. Thus it demands formulation of an intelligent SEO strategy that takes care of the new trends as well as maximizes the old factors too. That is why we have a wholesome SEO strategy that includes:
  • Site and Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Code Optimization
  • Site Optimization
  • Search Engine and Directory Submissions
  • Monitoring, Analyzing and Reporting

The SEO process for us includes relentless monitoring and tracking of the positioning of your site across search engines. This ensures that we are prepared for the changes in algorithms and competitor's strategies and your site maintains stable high rankings.

uality links add to your online status Link building services comprises another important aspect of the web promotion process. It aims at building a solid presence among your online peers and industry. This enables you to rank higher on search engines as quality and thematic link exchanges are highly valued as precious resources. Quality links also endow your website with an online status and provide multiple channels of traffic inflow too.

However, attaining quality links is a specialized task that requires astute strategy, persistence and stringency of procedure. A quality link would comprise of a web page that has high page rank, is related by theme.

Non-reciprocal links add best value

We also persevere to get you maximum of incoming links non-reciprocal links for your site vis-a-vis reciprocal links, which might even be considered as spamming by certain search engines. Non-reciprocal links are a testimonial to your peers' eagerness to get associated with you, thus these are validations of the intrinsic value of your online property. We never stress on the number of links to impress you, instead we focus completely on the qualitative and high value links which substantially add to your website's resources. If you are looking for a web promotional service that directs targeted traffic to your website then contact us.

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